Top Pins- Nature Inspired Play Activities for Kids

I love Pinterest for many reasons… including finding really neat and inspiring play activities for the kids.  Not only are the photographs beautiful, but the ideas give me inspiration when planning weekly activities for my two girls.  Here are six pins from this week that caught my eyes:

1.  Patterns on play dough using natural grains

2.  Landscape jar- collect things from your local area

3.  Loose parts–  kids can sort the parts, build them together, deconstruct, add, count, subtract …just to name a few ideas of what can be done with loose parts

4.  Bark painting–  show children all the different surfaces that can be painted on, how to change objects in nature, culture, craft, art, etc.

5.  Play dough, wood and natural materials–  stamping, impressions, sculptures, etc.

6.  Reggio Emilia inspired Chandelier–  kids can string bead and tie them through a weaved oval to create a chandelier effect

For more ideas, follow me on Pinterest:


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