Peace.  What does peace look like to you?  My most favorite story about peace comes from a moment in my life when I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda, East Africa.  I ran into a man as I was walking back to my village and we began having a serious conversation about the state of Uganda, the world, and peace.  He explained that peace meant different things to different people.  He gave the example of students drawing in a classroom, they were all asked to create a drawing that represented the word “peace”… One child drew a river that flowed calmly and was bright blue and he drew a picture of himself laying next to the river, another child drew a garden with hundreds of flowers all around, and another child drew a waterfall.  The child that drew the waterfall also drew a tree that grew up from the bottom over top of all of the splashing and at the very top was a bird that sat right on top of the tree in the middle of the waterfall.  The man said that the story of the waterfall was like peace in Uganda… amongst all of the chaos you can find peace.

I love this story and originally wrote about it June 2, 2007 here:

Where have you found peace today?


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