Spice Painting

_MG_1846 Spice painting is a fun way to enlighten all of the 5 senses.  The smell of the spices, the touch of the brush to the paper, the sounds, the wonderful sights of the pictures and shapes that are created, and you may even want to experiment with tasting a few spices.


All you will need is:

Paper (preferably watercolor paper to absorb the water),

a few Paintbrushes,

Spices (we used tumeric, cinnamon and paprika),

Empty jars and


_MG_1853  You and/or the children can play around with which spices to use.  You may want to ask, which spices do you think will have the brightest colors?   Which spices smell the best?  Which spices taste the best?  We used tumeric to create the yellow colors, cinnamon to create the browns and paprika to create an earthy red.  Have fun experimenting!


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