Nature Inspired Play

_MG_1838“Let nature be your teacher.” ~ William Wordsworth

 Nature inspires.  Children can learn about the world around them through simple nature inspired play activities that provoke the mind, body and soul.  As we slowly convert from traditional toys to more natural ones,  my children’s new favorite toys come from our kitchen, yard, old shell collections, homemade recipes, among others.  It seems they are actually more interested in practical activities and natural play.

The project above was a collection of shells, a wooden kitchen serving tray, homemade play dough, and fresh lavender from our herb garden.  We spent 30min-1hour stamping the dough with the shells, squishing the dough with our hands, smelling the lavender and pressing that into the dough, molding the dough into little people and having fun.

I find inspiration for projects from Pinterest, An Everyday Story and How We Montessori to name just a few.

Try using nature as your inspiration for the next project you do, earth love, whaa!?


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