DIY Massage Oil/Bath Oil

DIY Massage Oil 2

Whether you are looking for a last minute gift for a loved one or want to take the time to pamper yourself, homemade massage oil/bath oil is easy to make and use.  Massage oil can be applied directly to your skin or infused in a warm bath as bath oil.  Either way, the scent of essential oils and moisturizing qualities of the carrier oil will help relax and sooth your body in a natural stress relieving way.  The main ingredient, the carrier oil, can be any type of oil you may have in your kitchen or beauty cabinet, from grape seed oil to sesame or olive oil, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil can all be used and applied to your skin or mixed in with your bath water.  Simple kitchen oils can also be used as an every day moisturizer, as they are all natural and do not contain any chemicals that will be absorbed into the skin. The next ingredient is the essential oil which can be found in any health food store or online.  If you do not have an essential oil on hand, the carrier oil alone can be used.  If you do have an essential oil, mix 2-4 drops for every tablespoon of the carrier oil.  4-6 tablespoons of the carrier oil should be enough for a full body massage.

When choosing the essential oils you can choose one or even mix two or more essential oils together for the scent and properties you want to achieve.  Essential oils can be powerful and even irritating if applied directly to the skin so don’t forget to mix them with a carrier ingredient.  You may also want to test the massage/bath oil on a small portion of your skin before lathering your entire body.  You can search the web or ask a local health food store expert which essential oils may be right for you.  I have peppermint and tea tree oil on hand and decided to mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil as my carrier with 8 drops of the peppermint essential oil and love it!  Have fun experimenting and finding the perfect homemade all natural massage oil that is right for you.  Enjoy!


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