Share the Love of Green Gifting: Tips, Ideas, Inspiration

November 035

1.  Start with a List:  Map out your plan~  what do the people on your list want/need?  The thoughtfulness and personal touch adds so much love to your gift.

2.  Do a little Un-shopping:  Attics, sheds, cabinets, garages, and closets are the homes of items you might like to share with your family and friends.  These gifts may be even more special than a purchased gift, such as a Grandmother’s necklace, a vintage clock, or an old photograph.

3.  Used, Thrift, Vintage:  Local thrift shops, Goodwill, Ebay, Craigslist are all great places to begin.  By purchasing used and vintage items, you are recycling and giving new life to a special something,

4.  Handmade with Love:  This is probably my favorite green gifting idea because they are so personal.  Knowing that someone took the time to make something just for you is so special. You can also check local shops in your town to see if any are selling handmade things from your local community, you can also check out and other handmade websites to find the perfect gift.

5.  Fair Trade Gifts:  A Fair Trade gift means that the person who made the amazing gift is paid a fair amount for their work/creation.  Fair trade gifts are very authentic to the community in which it is being made, which makes it a one of a kind gift of love to share.

There are lots of shops and web based shops that sell eco-friendly goods, check out these few of my favorites:

Ten Thousand Villages

Pure Citizen

Uncommon Goods


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