Simple Bok Choy Veggie Side Dish

November 028 Why, hello, bok choy.  You were calling my name today at the farmer’s market so I picked you up.

Bok choy, also known as Chinese cabbage is an earthy, peppery green usually used in stir fry and soup.  I decided to saute our’s and it was a winner!  After washing the leaves, the kids and I gave it a try… raw bok choy is much more powerful than the subtle sweet flavors that develop from a quick saute.  The kids took a few bites of the raw bok choy, but were much more excited to eat sauteed bok choy.  Raw bok choy can be chopped for a crunchy bite in salads or coleslaw, very similar to cabbage in a salad or slaw.

Cooked bok choy can be a great veggie side dish to add variety to your weekly meals.  I find myself always picking up the same veggies and am usually a bit intimidated to pick up anything new- however, bok choy is simple, easy and delicious!  The simplest way to cook bok choy is to chop and saute it in a pan with olive oil and salt.  That’s it!  We had a side of the sauteed bok choy with a quinoa salad and curried chickpeas and it was a great simple veggie addition.  Welcome to our lives bok choy.  You are most welcome.


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